Things I’ve Learned by Inventorying


  1. My pets are adorable and super supportive :)! I love this picture because it totally shows their personalities. The doggie needs to know that I love him, and the cat is too cool for school.
  2. I should do this (inventorying) as I buy yarn. Sometimes I didn’t keep labels (if they didn’t have a pattern). So, I’m missing some information.
  3. I also need to organize those labels with patterns somehow…a ziplock bag, a shallow storage container, a binder….ideas, ideas.
  4. 100% acrylic yarn can be range from super soft (Caron Simply Soft) or super scratchy (Red Heart Super Saver). I’m a feeler, so I love the soft feels. I just got some Daffodil Super Saver with Love that is really soft.
  5. Sometimes I paid too much for yarn. Example: I bought 3 oz of a Red Heart Classic for $9.02 ($3/oz). It’s now on sale for $6.75 ($2/oz). Both prices seem expensive to me.
  6. Sometimes I got a really good deal. I bought 6 oz of a Caron Simply Soft for $2.70 on Amazon ($0.42/oz). It retails regularly at $4.49 at JoAnn’s ($0.75/oz).
  7. Most of my yarn was made in either the USA or Turkey. That might be because of the brands I bought.
  8. I bought homespun yarn from Amazon that I could have bought cheaper directly from the seller, Bloomingdale Farm.  Note to self: research regional farms, support local businesses and farms.
  9. Some yarn skeins that weigh 3 oz have only 145 yards and others that weigh 3 oz have 250 yards. So, I need to pay attention to yardage for certain projects.
  10.  My top three brands that I’ve purchased are Red Hearts, Lion Brand, and I Love This Yarn. Are they the best? I don’t know. I feel like I get loyal to brands and then forget to take risks.
  11. I have ONLY purchased from Hobby Lobby or Amazon so far. I’ve been putting yarn in my cart at, just haven’t pulled the trigger.
  12. I have 49 full or mostly full skeins! And a couple more on the way! Wow! That might not seem like much to you veterans, but I’ve only been doing this for 5 months. P.S. It only took me a couple hours to inventory all that yarn in that huge spreadsheet I made. I haven’t put it in Ravelry yet, but that’s not that bad.
  13.  BONUS FOR EVERYONE: JoAnn’s seems to be having a yarn sale! I was researching a color for a skein with a missing label, and I found this! 25% off Lion Brand yarn. Also, I saw Bernat, Sugar ‘N Cream, Caron, and more on sale. So…I might stop by JoAnn’s tomorrow. It is right by my real estate office, and I need to drop off a check :).


Yarn Stash Inventory and Organization (Part 1)


Yesterday, I was experimenting with making a lime slice coaster, and I realized the gorgeous green in my hand was sport weight, not worsted. I doubled it and tried to make it work, but I was just too picky to keep it.  Besides, I probably bought that gorgeous green for something else right? I would hope so, but at this point my beginning yarn bin (which will soon become my “working yarn bin”) is overflowing, and I should probably start organizing before Wednesday when more yarn arrives from my friend Amazon. 🙂

Some skeins in my lovely yarn bin are clearly for a project. The extra long blanket has quite a few skeins designated for it. The hot pink, bright white, and medium green were all for some Easter projects that I didn’t do (maybe next year, or…more watermelon coasters).

Most of my yarn stash overflowing the original bin!

There are a few skeins that I know I bought when I started out and just liked them. Now, well now, I have skeins that I can’t remember why I bought them…this is a problem! Don’t get me wrong, I like having skeins on hand to try out a pattern for fun, but I need to get organized tout suite!

So I started looking at ways to organize my yarn stash. This blog “31 Days to Get Organized: Tracking Your Yarn Stash” by the Webs Yarn Store pretty much summed up all my research except I also found this really amazing binder by Look at What I Made. This binder is so cool! I know myself though, and I can’t see myself keeping this up. But this might work for some of you detail-oriented types. Even though this binder isn’t for me- it inspired an idea. I have a large ring clip that I used for task cards at school and I might tie yarn samples to it in color order-maybe even tag them…I will definitely post this if I get it done.

Of course, some people like to hand-write everything down, and there are a plethora of free printables out there. I like this one  by Amanda Saladin. It’s simple and covers about everything that I would want.  But if you know me…. I have a tendency to stack papers and stack papers for a few months before I organize them. Even keeping a binder of paper could be cumbersome. I need things that are easily accessible now. I need mobile and convenient things. Even my grocery list is on an app that I can access from multiple sources.

So the way I see it, I have two options: a mobile app or a Google Sheet.

I’ve done a little research, and a lot of people on message boards and in blog comments mentioned Ravelry. I like using Ravelry to look up patterns, and I just realized I could record my “stash” there. And I found  an app called Stash2Go that is linked to all of your Ravelry information. I downloaded the app so you can see some screen shots of what it looks like. I think there are more apps that are tied to Ravelry too like Ravulous and Knitwits and maybe more. For me Stash2Go was free and had decent reviews, so I am going to try it out.

I’m also going to try using a Google Sheet I created and named Yarn Stash. I used advice from the “31 Ways…” blog linked above, the back of a yarn label, and my own preferences to make it. I have attached it here if you want to make yourself a copy (I screen shot from my phone so you can see my categories).


So, yes I am trying both methods. You might be wondering why I would want to do double the work. I don’t know if the Ravelry or Stash2Go app keep all the information that I want. But then, I don’t know if I need all the information that I put in the Yarn Stash Google Sheet. So I will try them out and keep you updated!

How do you guys organize and track your yarn or other craft stashes? Any advice?