Thrifty Thursday 5/25

This week has been so very busy! It’s the last week of school, and my last week as a teacher…that’s right. I put in my notice. I’m going back to doing real estate full time and working on my crochet class business idea. So I’ve been packing and moving and filling my office to the brim. And promising that it will be one of the first priorities this summer-getting my house in order!

Anywho, I’m not a huge shopper. I’m not that girl that goes shopping for fun. I’m very frugal. My mom says she used to send me into a store with $5, and I would come back with $4 and five things. So, I enjoy fake shopping- filling up my online shopping cart and letting it sit for a while. Right now, I have a shopping cart with 9 skeins of yarn for a total of $12.43! Where you ask? Herrschner’s.

Until last week, I hadn’t even heard of Herrschner’s. I was talking to Pat, my stepmom, about Crochet World because I’m thinking of getting a subscription, and she suggested I also sign up for catalogs like Herrschner’s. Oh my! This place has some awesome deals! And on all sorts of crafts, not just yarn. So if you are looking for a good deal on crafts- check it out! Be thrifty, it’s Thursday :)!

Yarn Stash Inventory and Organization (Part 1)


Yesterday, I was experimenting with making a lime slice coaster, and I realized the gorgeous green in my hand was sport weight, not worsted. I doubled it and tried to make it work, but I was just too picky to keep it.  Besides, I probably bought that gorgeous green for something else right? I would hope so, but at this point my beginning yarn bin (which will soon become my “working yarn bin”) is overflowing, and I should probably start organizing before Wednesday when more yarn arrives from my friend Amazon. 🙂

Some skeins in my lovely yarn bin are clearly for a project. The extra long blanket has quite a few skeins designated for it. The hot pink, bright white, and medium green were all for some Easter projects that I didn’t do (maybe next year, or…more watermelon coasters).

Most of my yarn stash overflowing the original bin!

There are a few skeins that I know I bought when I started out and just liked them. Now, well now, I have skeins that I can’t remember why I bought them…this is a problem! Don’t get me wrong, I like having skeins on hand to try out a pattern for fun, but I need to get organized tout suite!

So I started looking at ways to organize my yarn stash. This blog “31 Days to Get Organized: Tracking Your Yarn Stash” by the Webs Yarn Store pretty much summed up all my research except I also found this really amazing binder by Look at What I Made. This binder is so cool! I know myself though, and I can’t see myself keeping this up. But this might work for some of you detail-oriented types. Even though this binder isn’t for me- it inspired an idea. I have a large ring clip that I used for task cards at school and I might tie yarn samples to it in color order-maybe even tag them…I will definitely post this if I get it done.

Of course, some people like to hand-write everything down, and there are a plethora of free printables out there. I like this one  by Amanda Saladin. It’s simple and covers about everything that I would want.  But if you know me…. I have a tendency to stack papers and stack papers for a few months before I organize them. Even keeping a binder of paper could be cumbersome. I need things that are easily accessible now. I need mobile and convenient things. Even my grocery list is on an app that I can access from multiple sources.

So the way I see it, I have two options: a mobile app or a Google Sheet.

I’ve done a little research, and a lot of people on message boards and in blog comments mentioned Ravelry. I like using Ravelry to look up patterns, and I just realized I could record my “stash” there. And I found  an app called Stash2Go that is linked to all of your Ravelry information. I downloaded the app so you can see some screen shots of what it looks like. I think there are more apps that are tied to Ravelry too like Ravulous and Knitwits and maybe more. For me Stash2Go was free and had decent reviews, so I am going to try it out.

I’m also going to try using a Google Sheet I created and named Yarn Stash. I used advice from the “31 Ways…” blog linked above, the back of a yarn label, and my own preferences to make it. I have attached it here if you want to make yourself a copy (I screen shot from my phone so you can see my categories).


So, yes I am trying both methods. You might be wondering why I would want to do double the work. I don’t know if the Ravelry or Stash2Go app keep all the information that I want. But then, I don’t know if I need all the information that I put in the Yarn Stash Google Sheet. So I will try them out and keep you updated!

How do you guys organize and track your yarn or other craft stashes? Any advice?


Types of Yarn from Mrs. Craft

Don’t you hate it when you are jolted out of a deep sleep, and then your mind won’t shut off for long enough for you to fall back to sleep? The past few weeks, this  has happened at least once a week.

Me: Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.
Brain: Have you thought of this…what about this…oh do you think so and so…tomorrow you should…

I only have two tricks that seem to work when I get in this situation: clean until I’m tired enough to go back to bed or read until my eyes are too tired to stay open.  Maybe in the future I will try working on a crochet project :).

Anyway, not wanting to be unproductive, I decided to read what other bloggers had to say about yarn. I ran across a blog from Mrs. Craft of craftandothercrazyplans. Her smooth writing helped me easily understand the differences in the types of yarn. Now, as I pick out yarn for a project, I will be going by color, texture, and type so I can make best project possible.

So if you too want to know the difference between acrylic and wool/wool mixes and cotton, read on to this post “Y is for Yarn”. P.S. I’m sure you will enjoy her other posts as well!