About Me

Hi and welcome! I’m Sarah. I’m a newbie crafter and crocheter, but don’t let my excessive enthusiasm for the craft fool you. I’m pretty laid back in real life. I’m also a recovering workaholic, so please don’t offer me a job.

I love crocheting because it soothes my nerves. I love to try new patterns and the challenges that come along with them. I’m going to be honest; I usually mess up the first time through a pattern and rip out my stitches, but I’m getting better each piece of work. I try to do quality work, so that the recipient can enjoy it.

My other hobbies are reading, writing, and cooking. I could add gardening, but I never put in the time to really do it right (someday *sigh*).

My current mantra: Be present
My current favorite sentence starter: Life is too short to…
My current favorite quote: “The good you did today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.”-Mother Teresa