New Phone, New Cord

So my phone died Saturday. Not low-battery-died. Really died. I guess there’s a problem with my phone’s internal power switch (which I learned after Googling the problem). After a lot of stress, Google Fi (my carrier) sent me a new phone. Which was awesome even though I had to wait three days for it…which is extra strenuous as a Realtor.

Anyway, with the new phone came a new cord. I’ve been using Amazon-bought braided cords instead of the original cord that came with my old phone because for some reason, my cat likes to chew on white cords. So tomorrow I’m going to work on crocheting a cover for my new cord so the cat doesn’t eat it. I guess it’s really simple- just a single crochet around the cord according to Through the Loops.

Anyway, it seems like an easy project, and you can also use it for earbuds to make them more stylish (not just for keeping cats away). So I thought I would share it!