Random Reflection: Still Balancing

Dear Crochet Community and Readers,
I miss you! I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while, but I have some very exciting things going on in my life. I started this blog to talk about my journey with and love for crochet. Crochet has helped me, in turn, add balance to my life. So here’s an update from the last couple weeks of “balancing my life”.

One: I got back into real estate full-time. Okay, I’m slowly getting back to full-time. Guys, here’s the truth. I’ve sold (not closed yet) over $1 million dollars in real estate this year. Most of that was while I was working a full-time teaching job and occasionally coaching volleyball.NewPicSarahPowers3

Side note: my clients, friends, and family are so amazing for supporting me and keeping me busy and helping me get back into real estate full-time!

So, I’m really excited, and I’m working on getting up-to-date on marketing, continuing my education, finding a routine, closing the three deals I have going on, and trying to find more deals to put together.

This was my school picture this year, but I liked it. So it’s my new real estate pic!

Two: I started a garden! I changed a useless strip of grass along the garage into a veggie/fruit garden.

It actually looks pretty good, but the only updated picture I took was of the spaghetti squash this morning.  I caught a squirrel trying to eat it this morning and a quite hilarious minute of him trying to figure out how to get out of the garden ensued. I realized too late that I should have videotaped it. But, this is now a part of my morning/evening routine: watering, weeding (thank you mulch), and using pesticide from essential oils.

Please ignore the garage in desperate need of paint. It’s on the list.

Three: Still working on finishing the basement bathroom. This bathroom was poorly laid out with a small, cinder-block (aka campground) shower, a teensy sink that drained into the shower, which drained all the way across the floor to the real shower drain which was covered by a small wooden cover, carpet, and paneling. It did not include a real door- just a Western-style swinging door from the laundry room. Oh fun times.

So, we literally tore down walls, hired a mason to fix some things, built walls, and now we are working on the tiling. This has taken a while because nothing is easy with the project- the floor is uneven, we had to install the drain, and I’ve been super busy. But it’s starting to come together so I’m pretty excited.

Four: I’m working on business plan classes for my crochet class idea, but also using each step to help me with my real estate business.

Five: Golfing and doing Beachbody workouts to get in shape and relax. I’m terrible at both of these things, but I’m getting better every time I “practice”.

Six: Finally, something yarn-related! I tried to design my first sunglass bag. It works, but it’s not great. I decreased the top instead of using a button or a draw string, and I have to take the sunglasses out a certain way to avoid poking the sunglasses through the case.  But I do love the yarn colors!

This is my first failure to design well:Sunglasses

So, hopefully I’ll be back to blogging soon. (I may even start a real estate blog too!) But at least my life is full of things other than just work, work, work. So, I miss you, and I will be back soon!

Love, Sarah

3 thoughts on “Random Reflection: Still Balancing

  1. Hello Sarah – I finally made it to your blog! I have to confess, since getting back on Facebook, I am realizing how challenging it is for me to navigate.
    I’ve subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading more of your insights as you search for that balance in life.

    • Thanks Steph! I know I’m finding the same thing with the technology in real estate!

    • Thanks Steph! I understand; I’m going through the same thing with real estate technology.

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