Estate Sale Jackpot

Mom and I hit up an estate sale this morning, and I found so many cool things! The biggest find is this Wards Signature sewing machine. I haven’t used a sewing machine since high school, but it can help me create liners for my bags and so many more things! 

That was an interesting enough find, but we noticed a lot of crocheted items… So I asked if there was any yarn. Guess what? There had been and it was all gone before we got there! Lol (40 minutes after they opened). Guess I have to move faster! But we did another sweep through the house, and Mom spotted this unassuming box. I grabbed it without even looking in it. 

Would you guess what this box holds?

Imagine my delight when I opened it up and found all of these pattern books (which sold for 29 cents, 35 cents back in the day). So far The Woman’s Day Big Book of Crochet is my favorite! I really enjoyed “The Story of Crochet.” So cool! 

What a find! So many patterns for only 35 cents!

They say pot holders, but I see coaster patterns 😉

2 thoughts on “Estate Sale Jackpot

  1. Wow!! What an awesome find!! This is way better than a box of yarn. It sounds like these books were just waiting for you to find them!! 😀

  2. I love old books in general, so I feel like I was the ideal buyer to appreciate these!

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