Dream Jobs and Defining Success

Call me a weirdo, but my dream job might be a full-time student. I am absolutely dedicated to being a life-long learner and hopefully have passed that passion on to my current and former students. Not only am I passionate about learning new things, but I’m a really good student! Seriously!

(If you are a former K-12 teacher of mine-just trust me, I’ve gotten so much better!)

My dream job only has a few drawbacks:
a.) It’s not a job.
b.) I wouldn’t get paid.
c.) I would incur so much debt that my grandchildren would be paying off my student loans.

So this goes back to my major reflecting in December. This led me to this new-found passion for crochet, which inspired me in general. Then a conversation with my friend, Jenn, about local yarn shops sparked another idea. An idea for a really cool business. That idea has been fermenting in my mind for months, and I’d like to think getting better with age. Hint: It involves crochet and teaching 🙂

But I’m not the type to take a lot of risks, so if I’m going to execute this business, I’m going to do it right. After weeks of searching off and on, I found reasonably priced online-learning, instructor-led classes for a fair price through my local community college. The courses are just for  completion certificates instead of grades (I don’t need a degree, but I do want to learn in an organized manner). Cool! I get to go back to school!

The class I’m taking is about writing business plans. The first lesson was about success and the assignment was to post in the discussion board about what success meant to you both personally and professionally. This was actually challenging for me! So I ruminated on it and came up with the following answer.

When I first thought about what success is, I thought about those motivational posters “Success is a journey, not a destination.” I do think success is about progress. 

Personal success:

For me, personal success is achieving a work-home balance. I tend to let work take over. I want to be comfortable enough to take vacations and enjoy my time at home.

Professional success: 

I think of my success as achieving a myriad of goals. Small goals first like 20 followers on my blog, 100 sales in my (future) Etsy store, and 10 people signing up for a class I teach or better yet, people requesting more classes.


Ultimately, if I have consistent business, I love what I do, and I make enough to survive, I will think of myself as successful both personally and professionally. 


What do you think? What does success mean to you?

2 thoughts on “Dream Jobs and Defining Success

  1. I agree totally. I’ve always thought that people measure success too much by $$ alone. If someone is making their dream salary but are miserable then I don’t consider them to be successful. It’s the work/home balance and the satisfaction of really enjoying what you do. I think the online certificate classes are awesome. A local college here offers some fantastic classes. One of them is for starting and running a craft based business. At the moment I don’t sell my crochet items. I may at some point. Right now I have a nice work from home job that is not stressful at all and leaves me with plenty of time to crochet for fun. Plus gives me the money I need to buy yarn. 😀

    • Yes! I should look and see if there is a craft business class at my local college. I don’t remember if there was one, but there may have been and I thought “one step at a time”.

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