Types of Yarn from Mrs. Craft

Don’t you hate it when you are jolted out of a deep sleep, and then your mind won’t shut off for long enough for you to fall back to sleep? The past few weeks, this  has happened at least once a week.

Me: Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.
Brain: Have you thought of this…what about this…oh do you think so and so…tomorrow you should…

I only have two tricks that seem to work when I get in this situation: clean until I’m tired enough to go back to bed or read until my eyes are too tired to stay open.  Maybe in the future I will try working on a crochet project :).

Anyway, not wanting to be unproductive, I decided to read what other bloggers had to say about yarn. I ran across a blog from Mrs. Craft of craftandothercrazyplans. Her smooth writing helped me easily understand the differences in the types of yarn. Now, as I pick out yarn for a project, I will be going by color, texture, and type so I can make best project possible.

So if you too want to know the difference between acrylic and wool/wool mixes and cotton, read on to this post “Y is for Yarn”. P.S. I’m sure you will enjoy her other posts as well!

2 thoughts on “Types of Yarn from Mrs. Craft

  1. I love to crochet when I can’t fall asleep! Having said that, many times when I can’t fall asleep is because I’m trying to work out a pattern design in my head for something I want to crochet! So crocheting becomes both the cause and the remedy to my sleeplessness. I follow Mrs. Crafts blog too, she does have some very useful nuggets of information. 😀

    • I wish I was coming up with my own pattern designs :). I may try to crochet next time though!

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