Where Do You Buy Your Yarn?

IMG_20170502_211854When I shared my first post, my friend Rachel asked, “Where do you buy your yarn?” And I thought, “What a great question!” And this could go for anyone getting serious about a hobby- where do you get your supplies?

For yarn lovers (like all knitters and crocheters seem to be), I think this can be overwhelming. I have so many questions:
1. Where can I buy good yarn that is relatively inexpensive? Online and locally?
2. What is good yarn?
3. What is a good price for yarn? Is there a place that compares prices?
4. Which brands should I use?
5. Where can I buy wholesale or bulk?
6. What (if there) is the difference between regional styles like Italian vs. Canadian?
7. Are there local (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa) wool farmers who sell yarn?

Going back to the original question, where do I buy my yarn? Well, I started at Hobby Lobby. I bought these yarns: I Love This Yarn Super Soft, Lion’s Brand Yarn Vanna’s Choice, Yarn Bee Scrub-ology, and Yarn Bee Super Soft.

Then I bought from Amazon: more Lion’s Brand including “Thick and Quick” (aka bulky), Red Heart Soft, Red Heart Super Soft, Red Heart Super Saver, Red Heart Classic, BambooMN Brand Simply Soft, Caron Simply Soft, and Lily’s Sugar’ N Cream.

I’m going to be honest. I bought mostly on color and feel (at Hobby Lobby). As I crochet more, I’m finding I like different textures for different projects. I love soft, silky yarn for market bags and hearts. I like the rougher, wool feel for the blanket I’m working on and slippers.

So now that I know a little, I want to know some more to answer my questions. I think I’m going to start by researching more about yarn like what makes yarn “quality”.

My motivation for this is I want to know! And once I figure out the qualifications for good yarn, I can compare brands and prices. I can’t be the only one looking for that. I mean when I buy a toaster or a laptop, I spend hours looking at comparison sites and reading reviews. I wish there was a site like that for yarn lovers.

Some more questions for my readers:
1. Are there sites out there like this for art/craft supplies that compare quality, texture, and prices?
2. Where do you buy your yarn?
3. What brands do you recommend and why?

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2 thoughts on “Where Do You Buy Your Yarn?

  1. You have all of my favorites in your collection! For every day yarn there really isn’t a lot of difference in price between brands. I don’t use any of the premium/luxury yarn – $20 – $30 a skein I would be too afraid to use it!!! When I buy yarn it’s totally by color – I NEED that color! And then I’ll find something to use it on later. I love having bins and bins full of yarn so I can just grab a skein whenever I get a sudden inspiration!! 😀

    • Thanks! This helps! So it’s more about the color (and maybe finding a deal). You mentioned Michael’s has a sale in your blog. Do you know how often they have it? So I can keep a lookout :).

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